Why Should I Get A Deep Tissue Massage?

If you like to get a high-pressure massage, yes you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss deep tissue massage and its benefits. We work hard for the whole day and when we go to bed we feel tired and crave relaxation. Body pain and knots are the major problems that every one of us faces. If we didn’t clear the muscle knots and pain that may lead to some serious muscle problems. Let’s discuss the topic more: why should I get a deep tissue massage?. If you are looking for a Massage in Chicago then step forward to Spanear.me. Book your deep tissue massage appointment today!.

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is one of the massage therapies that involves long strokes, high pressure, and compression. Deep tissue massage has the same techniques in Swedish but the pressure levels will be high. This massage helps in treating the deep layer of the muscles in our body. The main purpose of this massage is to relieve you from body pain, muscle knots, and muscle inflammation. This massage is highly recommended for sportspeople and athletes. Due to the daily practice, they feel restless and anxious. This deep tissue massage helps them in relieving body pain and also improves their game performance by increasing their flexibility and range of motion. Walk into the best Spa in Chicago and get delighted.

Techniques used in the deep tissue massage

Not every therapist can perform this massage, only a skilled one can do this massage. They know about the pressure levels and the standard techniques for this massage. There are some common techniques practiced in this deep tissue body massage. They are Sacrum Push, Elbow Pressure,  Knuckle Pressure, Double Finger Press, and Thumb Rolls. 

Sacrum push – This is the first technique that the therapist will perform on your body. The sacrum region is nothing but the spine, where the therapist will give his/her whole pressure to that particular area. The pressure level will be increased gradually and you will feel warm and relaxed. 

Elbow pressure – In this technique, the therapist will use his/her elbow. The therapist will bend and place the elbow in the pressure point for almost 90 degrees and when it is positioned correctly, more pressure will be given. The therapist will almost lean on you to give high pressure on the particular area. 

Knuckle Pressure – Using this technique will give you great relaxation. The therapist will use his/her knuckle to give more pressure on the body surface. This is almost like a slow punch and the therapist will increase the pressure gradually as per your need. The force applied by the knuckle will remove the body pain and the muscle knots. 

Double finger press – This technique is nothing but the therapist will use his/her finger to give pressure. This method really gives you a relaxing feel. Then the therapist will keep one hand on the other and start to press the body surface downward up. So that the pain in the deep layers will be removed. Sometimes, to give more pressure the therapist will put the weight on his/her body.  

Thumb roll –  As the last technique, this effective thumb roll is given to you. This is performed when you are lying down. The therapist will hold your leg with the fingers and start to glide upside down with the thumb finger. The therapist will increase the compression by increasing the pressure in the thumb finger. After that, the therapist will give a circular motion massage using the same thumb finger.  Experience these techniques by booking your appointment at a professional Spa in Houston. Get this massage from the hands of an expert. Let’s discuss the health benefits of deep tissue massage.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

Relieves from stress

Getting stressed is quite a common thing nowadays. But getting stressed often will affect our physical and mental health. Massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Deep tissue massage will decrease the secretion of stress hormones and increase the secretion of a happy hormone that completely relaxes you. Physically, this massage will relieve stress in your muscles and relax the tissues in your tissues. 

Lowers blood pressure

When the blood pressure gets increased, it may lead to some heart diseases. So, maintaining our blood pressure is a mandatory thing, in which massage plays a major role. Massaging the body surface will increase blood circulation to the heart. When the pure blood flow to the heart gets increased the blood pressure gets maintained. This will be very helpful for people who have BP(blood pressure).

Treats arthritis

Deep tissue massage is mainly recommended for musculoskeletal problems. Arthritis is a disease of inflammation and stiffness of joints. The long strokes and the techniques involved in this massage allow fresh blood to enter the muscles. This increases flexibility and the range of motion. Deep tissue massage also promotes sleeping for arthritis patients. 

Improves healing power

The massage will increase the blood circulation to the heart. When the blood flow increases it leads to an increase in the count of healing elements like white blood cells and platelets. Thus the healing power gets boosted up. Increasing your healing power is one of the benefits of deep tissue massage.

Helps with injured muscles

Usually, if you are a person who is involved in many physical activities or a sportsperson, you definitely come across muscle knots, muscle pain, inflammation, soreness, and tiredness. The muscle stretching, twisting, and massaging will remove all the debris and toxins in the muscles. Deep tissue massage helps a lot in recovering muscle and bone-related problems. So, this massage is highly recommended to sportspeople and athletes. After getting this massage, you can even notice the improvement in the game performance. 

Relieves back pain

Back pain is one of the worst pains that cannot be tolerated. This is one of the common problems that everyone faces. Many people will simply go with medicines, but they only give temporary results. If you are a physical worker, then definitely you will face this back pain problem. The techniques involved in deep tissue massage will give relief from your chronic back pain. 

We hope that now you have a clear view of how a deep tissue massage works and the benefits of deep tissue massage. As we mentioned above, deep tissue massage has many benefits. Make your body fit by getting a deep tissue massage at the best Massage in Houston. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate by booking your massage appointment today!.