Contribution from Dot Net community for other Technologies

Asp .net core 2.0 has become modular and effective which resolves many challenges faced by the developers today. Though is meant for web application it has its contribution for the betterment of the mobile development, big data, and IOT. To improve the services of big data the IIS server and are combined together. Let me discuss in detail about the dot net with other technologies. Xamarin is used for building the cross-platform mobile application on the Dot Net platform. Xamarin provides the tools and libraries for the mobile development. Let us deep dive into the dot net technology and its usage in other platforms. Join the DOT NET Training in Chennai to become a successful programmer. Programming is among the top ten IT jobs in the software industry.

Mobile development

The collaboration of Microsoft and Xamarin enable the C# developers to use the Portable class library projects-PCL. This is used for both the iOS and the android phones. So the dot net apps can be moved to the mobile by moving the coding to the ios, android, windows or windows store projects. There is reusable code to separate the core library and help the developers to design the amazing user interface for the mobile apps. .Net Online Training provides in-depth knowledge into the skills required for the dot net programmer.

Reusable code

The separation of the models, controllers and the helpers from the Silverlight application is done through the linking and can make it as a portable class library. The user-interface such as business logic code that consists of models, controllers, and helpers can be re-used and platform specific calls like some of the code can’t be re-used. In visual studio, you can create a new portable class library and integrate that with Xamarin. ios,, windows phone, and windows store projects. Dot net apps are used to write rich cross-platform libraries. Dot net is now used for the web application and mobile application. To create a portable class library in visual studio right click on solution explorer, select the, xamarin.ios create a folder called core, move the files and rename the files. Portable class libraries are used for reusing the code and debugging the class libraries. DOT NET Course in Bangalore is offered at two levels such as basic level and advanced level to help the beginners and experienced.

Big data and IOT

To gather the web log data from IoT devices dot net framework is used. After collecting the data the big data analysis is used to take the desired business decisions.  So, the dot net developers should know about the database and the integration of dot net with the data analysis. The organizations are expanding and the data is increasing tremendously. The scalability and flexibility in the dot net are possible by combining the dot net with the IIS server. There are so many best DOT NET Training Institutes in Coimbatore.

The technological changes are managed by the companies by training the employees in all the relevant platforms. Microsoft has developed a system in the big data which simplifies the web development and the data analysis. Dot net is very helpful for big data analysis and collecting the data from the IOT devices.

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