How Does A Massage Works On Recovering Fracture Injuries?

The most difficult thing to endure is bone pain when it gets injured. Most people can’t accept the pain and even cry because of that. Fast recovery of injuries is a big desire of every patient. A common fracture takes about six to eight weeks to get completely heal. This time period depends on how deep your fracture is. During the healing period, if you didn’t take care of the injury properly, then it may lead to swelling, muscle tightness, muscle pain and stress. Getting a massage after injury will help you in faster healing of the wound. In this blog, we will have a detailed discussion about how does a massage works on recovering fracture injuries. If you are interested in this topic read further this blog. 

What is a fracture?

When there is a break in the continuity of the bone, then it is called a fracture. The fracture occurred when more force is applied to the bone than it can take. When the bones get twisted, it becomes weaker and leads to fracture. Mostly fracture occurs when we fall, direct kicking and when more weight or pressure is applied to the bones. When the fracture is deep you will face high pain but when the fracture is not deep you will come across some symptoms. The symptoms of light fracture are a constant pain in that area, difficulty in moving the particular area, swelling, blood clots on the specific area and redness. Get your favourite Massage in San Jose and get delighted.

Types of fracture

There are many fractures that are segregated according to the pain level. Let us discuss the common 5 fractures and their causes.

Open fracture: This fracture is also known as a compound fracture. As the name indicates there will be an open wound on the skin near the fracture. In this fracture, the bone breaks through the skin during the injury. It takes a longer time to heal.  

Stress fracture: This fracture is nothing but small cracks in the bones that occur while running, exercise and improper movements. Stress fracture often occurs in the foot part because we use our feet regularly. Though the fracture is small, the doctors will use an MRI scan to diagnose it. It takes about six to eight weeks to get cure completely.  

Comminuted fracture: In this fracture, the bone is broken into two or many fragments. This kind of fracture occurs during major accidents or when a high amount of pressure or weight is given to you. It takes about 24 weeks to get cured completely. As the impact of the fracture will be high, so this fracture cannot be cured without having surgery.

Greenstick fracture: A greenstick fracture is one that occurs on one side of the bone. This fracture mostly occurs for babies because their bones are soft and less brittle. This greenstick fracture is also called “partial fracture”. This fracture heal in four to eight weeks. 

Compression fracture: It is nothing but the break in the vertebrae region. If this fracture is untreated, then it may affect the backbone. This condition may also lead to death. This fracture takes almost eight to ten weeks. If you are searching for Spa in San Jose, then enter into

Benefits of getting a massage therapy

  1. The therapist will massage the muscles surrounding the fracture will increase the blood circulation to the particular area. This will heal the wound faster than you think.  
  2. During the fracture, the cells in the nearby muscles may lose the ability to function and may become dead cells. This can be treated by getting massage therapy. Soothing the muscles will restore the function of the cells in the muscles.
  3. Massaging will help you in the reduction of scar tissues in the fractured area. Scar tissue is nothing but the cells that get damaged during the injury.  

How does massage therapy work on the fracture?

When we breathe the air, the oxygen in the air is dissolved in the bloodstream from the lungs. Then the oxygen is distributed to the cells and after that, the oxygen is used for the healing purpose. This can help you in faster recovery from the injury. Massages will increase blood circulation by applying pressure in the correct ratio on the muscle. For a good oxygen supply, fresh blood circulation to the cells should be good. Massages help in good blood flow and lymphatic flow for the affected area. Get into the best Spa in fort worth and get pampered yourself.

Massages that helps in treating the fracture

Deep tissue massage

This is the highly suggested massage for muscle and bone injuries. The technique used in this massage is cross fibre fiction, active release technique, muscle energy technique, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. These techniques will improve blood circulation and also helps in treating the injury. This is the best massage for broken ankle which is highly suggested to all people.

Swedish massage

This is a massage that includes some of the techniques of deep tissue massage. Some of the techniques used in this massage are Effleurage, petrissage, friction and tapotement. During this massage, the therapist will soothe the muscles with massage lotions and oils. This will boost up your energy level, increase WBC count, platelets and helps in producing new cells.

Sports massage

This bone massage therapy is the best choice for the sportsperson. Because they come across many things like fracture, body pain, muscle inflammation and foot pain. This massage is almost a bone massage that is more beneficial for bones. This sports massage uses many different massage techniques. Some of them are shaking, compression, cross-fibre, petrissage, long strokes, applying pressure, pressing, friction and effleurage. Don’t take a sports massage with a normal therapist, get it from a professional sports massage therapist. 

Remedial massage

Remedial massage mainly focuses on the soft tissues, inner layers of the muscles and the bones. The techniques used in this massage are effleurage, skin rolling, long strokes and wringing. This massage regulates the entire lymphatic system that helps in the faster recovery of injuries. This massage can be only performed by a certified remedial massage therapist. Remedial massage is a recovery massage therapy that treats your wound faster than you think.

In this blog, we have discussed the fractures, types of fractures, how massage therapy works on them and the massages that are highly recommended for fracture and bone injuries. If you are looking for a Massage in fort worth, then enter into They offer you all massage services at a reasonable price.