How Is Steel Used In The Automobile Industry?

Steel is the essential material used in every industry. One of the industries that use steel to the maximum is the automobile industry. A study conducted by the International Organization Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers says that 91.8 million automobiles are produced every year. They also say that around 900 kg of steel is used to make a single-vehicle. The 900kg steel is used to make the body structure, doors, engine block, gears, suspension, fuel tank, and many more. Hence, many steel suppliers say that the automobile industry uses Advanced High-Strength steel (AHSS) more than the other steel products. AHSS steel helps the automobile to weigh light and enhances the efficiency of fuel efficiency and safety. The AHSS steel helps the industry to reduce the car’s weight by 25-39% compared to conventional steel. Hence, in this post, listed below are some facts about how steel is used in the industry.

Framing the automobile:

The foremost use of steel in the automobile is to frame the body and chassis of the car. Steel has high tensile strength and naturally can withstand harsh temperatures. The car’s chassis is made of steel to ensure that it can withstand the pressure released by the automobile. Steel is also used in making the car’s doors and panels to withstand the physical factors and pressure. The MS chequered plate is used in making the floor of automobiles. Therefore it is essential to purchasing high-quality steel in the long run. 


The steel is also used in making the bike’s chassis and frames because of its high strength. Steels have a high in-built quality of the material and enhance fuel efficiency in bikes. Hence, to have the shiny outlook of the vehicle manufacturers use shiny steel in the body parts. This steel is also used in car bumpers and faucets.

Bus parts:

Steel is not only used in private transport but also public transport. The presence of steel has influenced manufacturers to use it in various parts of vehicles. Bus body is made with the help of steel as it gives the sturdiness and withstands high pressure, weight and strength.

Similar to the SAIL TMT bar, AHSS steel is used in the automobile industry to improve the efficiency and strength of automobile parts.