What Are The Features Of Ionic Frameworks?

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What Are The Features Of Ionic Frameworks?

The open-source Ionic framework, built on AngularJS, enables developers to use various web technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. These technologies allow the mobile app developer to create a unique user experience and include user-friendly functionalities for their intended audience. To learn more about ionic frameworks, join the ionic course in chennai at FITA Academy.

 The following are some of the Ionic framework’s key features:


1)Cross Platform

The software, based on the Ionic framework, can be deployed using a single codebase across various platforms, including Android, native iOS, desktop, and the web. Ionic apps can therefore be created once and run everywhere.

2)Web Standards 

Using current web APIs, the Ionic framework is constructed utilising dependable, industry-standard web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (like Custom Elements and Shadow DOM). As a result, Ionic components offer a reliable API that enables cross-platform use of Ionic apps.

3)Simple Design

The Ionic framework helps us to develop a clean, simple, and functional application. It is made to function and look fantastic on several platforms. Pre-designed elements, typography, interaction paradigms, and a stunning base theme are all included in the Ionic application.

4)Ionic CLI

Developers may access several useful commands through the Ionic CLI or Command Line Interface. Ionic applications can be launched, created, run, and emulated using this command.

5)Framework Compatibility

Ionic’s earlier iterations were closely linked to Angular. However, the most recent Ionic version, v4, was redesigned to function as an independent web component library and integrate with the newest JavaScript frameworks. Most front-end frameworks, including React.js and Vue.js, allow us to use them.


The Ionic is outstanding, thanks to Angular. The angular package makes integrating with the angular ecosystem simple even if the essential components function as an independent web component library. The angular package contains all the functionality that angular developers expect and interfaces with Angular core libraries.

7)Javascript Components

Thanks to the JavaScript functions that expand the CSS components and all mobile aspects are covered, which is impossible to do just with HTML and CSS.


I hope this blog will let you know more about the features of ionic frameworks. To know more about ionic join the ionic online course to learn at your own pace. Thus ionic has the following features such as cross-platform, simple design, and framework compatibility.