Places To Visit In Kanyakumari During This Holiday Season

Places To Visit In Kanyakumari During This Holiday Season

With stars lining up the houses and lighting decorating the streets, you could already sense the holiday season. Yeah, Christmas is coming this time with more love and joy, and it’s time to have your long-due vacation to lighten up the celebration. If you ever plan a tour to Kanyakumari, this is the time you could show up there to see the bright smile of happy people, places and decorations. You can stay at budget hotels in Kanyakumari during your visit, which have all your primary needs. This article will guide you to the famous places in Kanyakumari this Christmas season.

Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari Beach is always a festive spot, but during Christmas time, it is extra special when you can see the waves of people competing for the beach waves. When you go to the beach,dont forget to visit the Vivekananda rock memorial, which is a memorial for Swami Vivekananda. The Lakshadweep sea surrounds it. You can witness something magical in Kanyakumari by seeing the meetup of three different oceans. These seas dont mix up, and you can identify this by their variation in colour. Adjacent to the Vivekanda rock memorial, you can see a 133 ft Thiruvalluvar statue standing tall on the Kanyakumari beach. Ferry services will be available for seeing both the statue and memorial. After your visit, you can rest at hotels in Kanyakumari near beach.


You are lucky if you have a tour of Kanyakumari this Christmas time. You will witness the cribs around every corner and street when you enter the district. Pallapalam, a place in Kanyakumari, is famous for its crib building. Thousands of people come to witness the crib work in Pallapalam. You can see the joyful celebration there at Christmas time with many small stores lining up selling sweets in a long line.


There are many famous churches like Our lady of ransom church in Kanyakumari, St. Xavier’s church in Kottar, Imperial church in Travancore, St. Antony’s church, All saints church, etc., to witness during your visit. The colourful lighting of the church will attract your presence when you go there at the time of Christmas. Our lady of ransom church is celebrating the festival for ten days by hoisting a flag on day one. You can attend the 10-day celebration before Christmas by staying at a hotel in Kanyakumari. This celebration is followed by the festival ending at St. Xavier’s cathedral on December 3. So it will be a wholesome celebration up to the new year.


During this holiday season, if you plan on visiting waterfalls, there are many, like Kalikesam, Keeriparai, Thirparapu, etc., in Kanyakumari, and you must be careful during your visit because of the rainy season as there will be more running of water in the falls. 

Like these, there are more places to visit, and you will be astonished by the small events and the stars, lights, and crackers brightening up every corner of Kanyakumari. Have a pleasant holiday season, and celebrate all the events by staying in hotels at Kanyakumari.