My GRE Experience

Hi Friends, This is Shreya and I am waiting for Admissions in Deakin University Australia. I have completed my Schooling and Graduation in Chennai. Basically I am a Chennai born Brahmin girl. I am an All-rounder in my College and I am fond of Dance and Throw-ball. I like to go for a long travel yearly twice with my Family or Friends.  Once I had been Coimbatore with my Family, where my Aunt resides. That was a remarkable experience, visiting temple, Valparai, Black thunder and so on. Secondly, I had been to Ooty with my Classmates for a Trekking. Basically our CS department will go to Industrial training or Trekking yearly once. These kind of Camps helps students to know about each others. We organize many activities and visit Tea estate during the Ooty visit. Personally we had been to Kerala with our Friends gang. We had a great time in Munnar, Wonder la and finally he spent some time in Pollachi.

I am an Independent girl and my parents had been a complete Freedom to be Happy and to discover the new Stuffs. During my final year, With the Guidance of my Uncle who is working in Australia, I sown a new Seed to my Mind..! Yes, Master degree in Australia..!!

Australia is a small continent surrounded by Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Australia is a Wealthy country which generates Income from diverse of Sources like Telecomm, Manufacturing, Banking and exports. I also heard that Attendance and Tuition is mandatory for the Kids in Australia, nice nah?

With the lots and lots of Dreams about Australia and MS, I started my GRE Test Preparation during the Final semester of my Graduation.  Coming to GRE, GRE is nothing but a Graduate Record Examinations for the Students who are aspiring to study MS or MBA in abroad nations.

After the complete analysis about GRE Coaching Institutes I joined GREedge, the Institute which is widely known for GRE coaching in Chennai. I joined Online GRE Coaching which will be much more convenient for me as I prefer Self-study. I chose Complete GRE Course, which is scheduled for 180 days. This module supports the aspirants completely to score better marks in GRE without compromising on our regular academics. You are at the Comfort zone, regardless of College, Work and coaching classes. I wrote GRE by last October and waiting for Fall Admissions. Basically I am good at Verbal and so I concentrated more on the Quant part of the GRE. Dear Aspirants, don’t forget to take Free GRE Practice Test regularly.

GRE Prep Courses

My Tips to score Better in Quant section:

Act prudent over Word Problems:

Make sure that who master GRE Concepts. 2 Words of similar meaning and pronunciation can confuse you.

Use Calculator only if you need to:

Some Math problems can be solved in a minute or two. Don’t spend more time on that kind of problems with Calc. Save time with Simple problems and go ahead with complex questions.

Spend 2 minutes for Each Question:

Quant section has 20 questions and you are provided with 35minutes to complete them. You can solve some questions in few minutes. So, Guess studiously and Move on.

Choose Numbers for Abstracts:

Use Numbers to substitute abstracts rather than “x” “y” or “z”. Prefer small numbers and be sure that Numbers are allowed by the definitions in questions.

Finally, Stick to the basics.

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