Is CCNA Certification Still Valuable in 2023?

CCNA Training in Chennai,

Certification Concentration Paths for the CCNA

After obtaining the fundamental CCNA certification, you can select between three alternative paths that will equip you with the information, skills, tools, and resources necessary to advance your career.  Here are the most important skills for the CCNA test. Are you looking for the CCNA Course In Chennai? FITA Academy will teach the best way of teaching. Once you know the CCNA course with our coaching, We will assist you in getting a job.  

The three ways are as follows:

  • Troubleshooting and monitoring network devices are required for CCNA Security to ensure data and network availability, integrity, and confidentiality. A CCNA Security specialist is qualified for employment as a security administrator, network security specialist, or network support engineer.
  • CCNA Voice is a course that educates networking professionals with knowledge of VoIP technologies, such as IP telephony, IP PBX, handset, voicemail solutions, and call control. A CCNA Voice specialist may find employment as a voice manager, voice administrator, or voice engineer, among others.
  • CCNA Wireless encompasses configuring, installing, and supporting wireless LANs with Cisco equipment. A CCNA Wireless professional is competent to serve as both a WLAN project manager and a wireless support specialist.

Ensure that you are the ideal candidate:

According to the CCNA research, it is essential to recruit for specialised networking roles in order to hire a candidate without training and certification. In addition, it is significant and noteworthy that the professional certification is considered secondary to the bachelor’s degree for employment reservation requirements. Try to find new questions by looking as much as possible through CCNA Course Online forums and mock tests. This should be the time when you have a good understanding of the networking ideas that will be on your CCNA test.

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Explore a Rare Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network is the first of its type to employ a social network as an extensively researched learning platform. This is a Web 2.0 community including wikis, blogs, collaboration, and file sharing, among other features. The network offers a vast array of services, including training and certification, simulation laboratories, roadmaps, corporate internships, job postings, employee recruiting and referral, and mentorship, among many others. Cisco Learning Network was designed for networking professionals of all levels of knowledge and experience.

Expertise and Experience:

Obtaining your certification will undoubtedly boost your knowledge and level of experience. Regardless of the number of years you’ve spent in your sector, you will undoubtedly acquire new skills that will propel your career to the next level. Through the certification procedure, you will see numerous industry improvements. CCNA Course in Pondicherry is best centre in Pondicherry. If you want to learn this course in Pondicherry just check it our website for further information.

Career Advancement

Including certificates on your resume or CV can improve your prospects of climbing the corporate ladder. The CCNA certification is widely recognised, which means that your work will be useful practically everywhere you go. Who knows, you may even receive a raise after obtaining the certification.

Beneficial for Employers

Ask any company and they will affirm that qualified experts are able to operate in the competitive area of Information Technology. A certification demonstrates to an employer that you possess the necessary knowledge and skills.


The increasing sophistication of networking technology predicts a global lack of qualified networking specialists, which is sufficient motivation for you to launch a networking career. we  can help you get started with CCNA certification training taught by specialists with years of expertise and certification. Try to find new questions by looking as much as possible through CCNA Course In Coimbatore forums and mock tests. This should be the time when you have a good understanding of the networking ideas that will be on your CCNA test.

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