Aviation and Prerequisites

Aviation is an applied study of Aeronautics for the Aero Design, Development, Production and Operation. There are many Aviation Institutes in and around the Word to provide Aeronautical engineering and Aviation Training in and around the World. Particularly, many developing countries like the US, India and Australia provides Aeronautical Specialization as a department in Universities. You can find many young aspiring Girls and boys who are keen in starting a career with Aeronautics and Aviation.

Flight Attendants:

Flight Attendants are the people belonging to aircrew to assure the comfort and safety of the passengers. Flight attendants can be classified into:

Ground Staffs:

Ground staffs are the people who work in the Airport. They inspect passengers; assist them in finding the Flights, checks the Passengers Baggage and some staffs works as a Customer support to usher the Passengers.

Air hostess and Cabin crew:

Air hostess travel with passengers, assures their safety and needs, serves Food, teaches Pre- safety demonstration and take care of them throughout the Flight journey.

Appearance is a notable factor to be an Air hostess. In olden days, Airlines supposed to employ Girls as a Cabin crew to increase the profits because of their Charm. Nowadays you can find many Boys, who are interested in working as a Steward. To them, it is a Service!

Notifications and Overhead Panel lights:

In commercial airlines, Air hostess receives various notifications for Passengers in the form of Audible chimes and Lights.

Pink/Red/Green color Notification: Inter-phone call facilities from Cockpit and other Air hostess or an emergency call.

Blue color Notification: Call from Passengers

Amber color Notification: Passengers call in Lavatory or smoke detector

These notifications may vary from Airlines to another.

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Language requirements for an Air hostess:

Multi lingual Air hostesses are in demand to interact with the International Travelers. The Languages which are in demand other than English are Hindi, French, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Greek and Arabic. The airlines of then US provides stipend for the Language skills and some Airlines hire based on certain Language prerequisites while launching destinations.

Height and Weight Requirements for an Air hostess:

The acceptable height for certain Airlines is about 150cms to 185cms tall whereas some Airlines prefer Aesthetics. The weight of an Air hostess must be in a Proportion to their Heights.


Security Related Issues

Passenger Management

Extraordinary Situations

Aircraft Evacuation


First Aid

Source: Duties and Responsibilities of a Cabin Crew

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