What are the Techniques used in Ethical hacking?

What are the Techniques used in Ethical hacking?


The development of technology is visible everywhere. Nobody can deny that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. However, technical problems do exist as technology advances.     Ethical hacking is used to maintain threats from unknown sources in check. There are several types of ethical hacking approaches. The technologies are available to ensure the security of sensitive data in the network and system. To learn more about Ethical Hacking concepts, you can join an interactive trainer-led Hacking Course In Madurai at FITA Academy, which focuses on providing good knowledge and training for types of hackers, etc.

Top Ethical Hacking Techniques: 

Ethical hacking can test, scan, and secure systems and data. Some ethical hacking strategies that can be learned through ethical hacking are given below.


Phishing is a cyber-security attack in which a hacker sends messages purporting to be someone trusted. These messages manipulate the user, causing them to do actions like installing an unsafe file or clicking a malicious link.

A phisher uses public resources to get information about the victim’s personal and professional history. They then utilise this knowledge to produce an accurate fake message. The Hacking Course In Pune guides you to prevent your data from threats and unknown sources.


Sniffing is tracking and capturing all packets passing through a network. This is accomplished through the use of sniffing tools. It is also known as wiretapping since it involves tapping phone cables to learn about a conversation.

Social Engineering 

Social engineering is used to convince people to reveal personal data. The attacker uses the people’s trust and lack of understanding to deceive them. There are three kinds of social engineering: mobile-based, human-based and computer-based. 

A social engineering assault is brutal to detect due to lax security rules and a lack of hardware or software capabilities to prevent it. Explore the importance of Ethical Hacking techniques through the Ethical Hacking Course In Ahmedabad. Explore something new with the best support.


In this ethical hacking strategy, the hacker acquires as much information about a specific targeted system and infrastructure as possible to identify opportunities to enter them. 

To obtain information, the hacker can use various methods and techniques.

SQL injection 

SQL injection is an attack in which the attacker sends a SQL query, also known as a statement, to a database server, which modifies it as needed. An SQL injection occurs when user input is not adequately cleaned before being used in a SQL query.

SQL allows you to secure a database response. The table names will assist the hacker in understanding the database’s structure. Join the Ethical Hacking Course In Hyderabad to learn about Ethical Hacking techniques and their uses.


Enumeration also refers to the collection of information. During this phase, the attacker establishes a connection with the target to identify as many attack vectors as possible that will be utilised to exploit the system in the future.

A hacker must make an active connection to the target host. The vulnerabilities are first counted and appraised. The system is then searched for possible attacks and threats. The usernames, hostnames, passwords, and IP addresses are here.


So far, we have discussed the What are the Techniques used in Ethical hacking. There are many ethical hackers available nowadays. As a result, the demand for ethical hackers is growing.

Many government organisations also require ethical hackers. As hacking techniques advance, there remains a real threat. Sensitive issues and data can be lost; therefore, these need strong protection. If you wish to learn this course, enrol in an Ethical Hacking Course In Gurgaon to get a bright future.