What Are The Features Of Loadrunner?

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What Are The Features Of Loadrunner?

LoadRunner supports different technologies, programming tools, and communication protocols. Each product on the market supports more protocols for Performance Testing than this one. The outcomes of the LoadRunner software’s performance tests are contrasted with those of other tools. 

Features Of Loadrunner

1)New Modules Add-In

Customers can use the LoadRunner Tuning Module to identify and resolve system performance bottlenecks. After stress testing the application using LoadRunner, the Tuning Module includes component test libraries and a knowledgebase to help users find and fix performance bottlenecks. To know more about the modules Add-In, join Loadrunner Training Online.

2)WAN Emulation Support

LoadRunner’s comprehensive feature set allows it to immediately identify the impact of the vast area network (WAN) on application dependability, performance, and reaction time. This WAN emulation option, provided by Shunra Software, adds testing for bandwidth restrictions, latency, network problems, and more to LoadRunner.

3)Sun ONE IDE Add-In

Sun Microsystems and Mercury Interactive collaborated to integrate LoadRunner with the Sun ONE Studio4 add-in.

4)JBuilder For Java IDE-In

LoadRunner now collaborates with Borland’s JBuilder integrated development environment (IDE) to provide comprehensive J2EE application functionality. This add-in allows LoadRunner users who use JBuilder to construct J2EE applications and services to create virtual users based on source code within a JBuilder project.

5)Native ICA Support

LoadRunner now supports Citrix’s Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) for application testing using Citrix MetaFrame. This is the first native ICA load-testing solution created in collaboration with Citrix.

6)Web Transaction Breakdown

You may now isolate performance issues within your architecture more effectively. The Web Transaction Breakdown Monitor in LoadRunner divides end-to-end transaction response times for the client, network, and server and offers comprehensive drill-down features.

7)Data Wizard For Data-Driven Testing

The Data Wizard in LoadRunner lets you quickly generate data-driven tests and remove manual data manipulation. It establishes direct connections to back-end database servers and imports necessary data into test scripts.


This blog will let you know about the features of loadrunner.To know more about the features of loadrunner, join LoadRunner Training In Chennai at FITA Academy. Thus the features of loadrunner are new modules add-in, WAN emulation support, Sun One IDE add-in, JBuilder for Java IDE-in, Native ICA support, Web transaction breakdown and Data wizard for data-driven testing.