Top 5 Benefits of Android OS

Android Benefits

For every enterprise’s digital strategy mobility is the most important part and there are various platforms provide easy to develop a mobile app for Android, Windows, iOS and other operating systems. However, Android has crossed 90 percent of global market share. Many enterprises are using Android to develop a customized mobile app to increase their revenue to attain excellent tremendous business growth. Thus, today’s entrepreneurs are seeking for a person who attains an Android Training in Chennai from a well-reputed training institute with the practical implementation of developing a mobile app.

Android is an open source platform which is built on Linux. This open source provides a solution for mobile devices offering the complete software items which include OS, middleware and other mobile applications.

Let us see the Top 5 Benefits of Android OS

  1. Open Source: It is open-source platform where Android SDK can leverage without any cost. Programmers or developers can communicate with the Android development team. These advantages of Android make developers to use Android OS effectively to build applications.
  2. Customized UI: The application which is developed in Android OS is highly customizable and easier to manage. Google focus on the customized user interface to help programmers to develop an android app for business growth. It permits programmers to develop innovative and interactive apps.
  3. High ROI and Low investment: Android SDK is available for free of cost that reduces the development price. So with the help of Android applications, the enterprise can get high ROI and users get an interactive app.
  4. Multiple Sales Channels: Not like other mobile platforms, Android applications can be developed in various ways. With the used of promotional strategy, one can reach a targeted customer via multiple channels.
  5. Easy to Adopt: Android Applications are written in Java programming language that is available with a rich set of libraries. A developer who is expert in Java can build an Android Applications easily. According to the recent survey, most of Java experts find easier to write a script in Android when compared to other programming languages.

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