How to Protect PHP Source Code from others?

Protect PHP Source Code

Professional PHP developers are often challenged with the difficult of protection of their knowledgeable property after distributing their PHP software product to the customers. It’s highly difficult to protect source code from other parties.

PHP Source Code Encryption

How to encrypt source code or prevent unauthorized use of copies of the PHP software product from others? When you prevent your website source code, you can avoid of copying your website content, so that your website will always be unique. If you use proprietary licenses offers legal protection or an End User License Agreement you can protect but not completely prevent your source code. Learn how to encrypt PHP source code while learning PHP Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

By encoding or compiling PHP source code into a specific binary format, you could avoid this kind of stealing issues but it forces requirements about software that required running the compiled code in the client server.

You can use SaaS model to eliminating this type of issues but your vendor server should support and available for 24/7. Usually, it gives standard environment like LAMP based stack when the product is to be deployed in the server of the client. In this post discusses how to prevent stealing issues and how to protect a PHP web application in this case.

Techniques to prevent PHP Source Code

A lot of techniques PHP developers are using to protect their website content from other parties; here we have discussed some common techniques teaching in our PHP Online Course to prevent the PHP application source code, they are

  • How to prevent from reading and modifying the PHP web application’s source code?
  • How to prevent from the rearrangement of the whole application?

The first thing you must to do to reduces the readability of the PHP source code. Try to make your code readability is more complicated by removing the white space, line break, comments that considerably reduces the code readability. It’s not workout as much you think, it is just a part of work helps to prevent code stealing. It’s not a big deal to write a lesser script to reformat minified code to make source code as readable. The mnemonic identifier names are quite informative enough to realize the code with some effort.

Using obfuscation techniques, Make your identifiers with different names so that it will be difficult to understand your code, user or alter.

Both of the obfuscated and minified source code can still be steeled and connected to some other server. So, the web application should be locked to the client’s site to protect redeployment. Today there are various methods and options for locking the applications source code using: site domain name, server IP address, MAC address of Hardware. But these all should include essential functionality to confirm the lock conditions before performing any actions.

Solutions for PHP Source Code Protection

Generally, there are three types’ solutions for PHP source code protection they are

  • Encoders
  • Obfuscators
  • Minifiers

These are the detail concepts you can learn this stuff in our PHP Training, let’s take a class to become a master in coding and also to become king to prevent your client web application source code from unauthorized people, join our PHP Training institute in Bangalore to sharpen your skill sets.

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