Functions of Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software is going to be wanted in the upcoming years. It is vital to learn the functions of Healthcare Software (i.e PMR) and how it fits into a medical or pharmacy workflow.

The Function of Practice Management Software

  • Patient Charting
  • Order Communication Systems
  • Hospital Decision-Making Systems
  • Patient Portal
  • Image Management / Document
  • Reporting and Statistics

Patient Charting

Patient visit info is set into forms or templates; to have info such as vitals, medical histories, physical exams, review of systems, complaints, etc. Most Clinic Management Software systems have choice lists, handwriting recognition, voice recognition or drop-down boxes to complete patient charting.

Order Communication Systems

This is often mentioned to as a CPOE – (Computerized Physician Order Entry). This permits the practice management software system to connect info to external systems such as  imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals via medical Level  Boundaries. This permits suppliers to send out submit visit charges, prescriptions, imaging requests, lab requests, and analysis codes to the billing/office system.

Hospital Decision-Making Systems

Recommendations, reminders, and alerts are made into the system permitting automatic hospital decision-making with info in the record. It also helps physicians with diagnosis and coding. Many clinic management software systems provide doctors with a suggested CPT code based on of Evaluation and Management (EM) instructions. This permits doctors to bill clients at the highest probable rate for the services performed.

Patient Portal

Particular medical records permit patients to access their medical record from any system with a protected internet connection. These databases include features such as refill requests, record access, electronic intake forms, appointment scheduling, and patient education outcome assessments. The patient can also grant other suppliers access to this info which permits provider – to – provider interaction.

Image Management / Document

It is significant for offices to maintain the huge flow of paper arriving their office. Offices are continually flooded with patient drinking methods, lab reports,  faxes, and referring physicians or doctor letters. PMR permits physicians to access these forms on an innate user boundary. PMR offers doctors a way to maintain images such as ultrasounds, x-rays, and MRIs.

Reporting and Statistics

Providers can create reports from records for statistical purposes. This becomes particularly useful in the case of disease management,  drug recalls, and health maintenance reminders.

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