Possible ways to win at Mobile App Testing

Possible ways to win at Mobile App Testing

Here are the five possible ways to win at mobile app testing. Take Mobile Application Testing and enrich your knowledge.

1. Mobile Device Selection
The below factors need consideration during device selection:
• Screen Resolution: Use a mixture of various screens to test by resolution and size.
• OS Version: Test your mobile app on all the stable OS versions.
• Form Factor: If the app is suitable with tablets and smartphones, test for form factors as required, many other factors which include connectivity options, memory size, etc. required to be accounted for when choosing the device model.

2. Emulators Vs. Physical Devices
Mobile device testing is more about using a right mix of physical devices and emulators to receive better results rapidly and efficiently.

Physical device testing which leads to beta testing as a very helpful mobile app testing method. It offers you admittance to real devices, a wider geographic coverage, real-world testers, and actual networks. Learn Mobile Application Training in Chennai and enhance your career.

Beta testing is said to be a major area where the emulators disappoint in comparison to the physical mobile devices. It gives you an opportunity to test your mobile app for factors such as:
• How real-world users interact with the app
• Network density
• Multiple networks
• Different battery states on the devices
• How the app behaves on specific devices

3. Mobile App Testing in the Cloud
Cloud-based application testing offers the following advantages:
• Saves business by setting up on-premise test conditions which take abundant time
• Pre-configured and highly synchronized architectures
• No additional requirements for server settings, advanced tools, licensing
• Reduction in defects that are associated with unstable test configurations
• Results in real time, that refers defects may be analyzed when tests run
• Supports complex applications that solve the testing in-house problems
• Scalability to leverage a capacity of application threshold

4. Network Connectivity
Network connectivity importantly affects the mobile applications. Most of the mobile applications based on network connectivity to run correctly. Thus testing mobile apps in actual network environments is required to receive the application’s behavior real picture. It requires delivering consistent performance over various network environments.

5. Manual Vs. Automated
Including manual testing scenarios and the interoperability, scenarios are very significant when it comes to the testing strategy of the mobile application. While testing a mobile application, the testing team is supposed to test the diverse events that can occur when the application is being implemented such as low battery, SMS, incoming calls, alerts which includes roaming and emails.

Automation test must be done only in scenarios where
• The frequency and scale of regression testing are said to be high
• The application is developing
• An important portion of the test cases include available functionality test cases

Mobile Application Testing Online Training offers you the greater knowledge to build your career. Hope this article gives you an idea of the possible ways to win the mobile app testing.

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