How automation tools are grouped

There are three types of automation tools in the software testing domain. They are Single system automation which is called as macros automate a process, IT process automation like function-specific automation tool; Cognitive automation tool is called as RPA {Robotic process automation}. The automation tools are differentiated by the system-specific, function-specific and the cognitive specific tools. Let me discuss in detail about the RPA tool in detail. Learn the new technology and join the Blue Prism Training in Chennai.

What are RPA tools available in the market now?

Blue prism, AAE UI path, and work fusion are some of the RPA tools in the automation market now. Blue prism is expected to catch the industries like medicine, research, development, banking and IT sector. Blue prism is about creating a virtual workforce. UI automation is about the comparison of the real-time scenarios with the subject knowledge. So, it is the practical application of knowledge through testing. Automation anywhere is about managing the workflow in the team environment. Open span is mainly for the operations and the revenue growth. Many best institutes are offering the Blue Prism Course in Bangalore to supply the workforce to the big companies. Institute’s support for the placement also after completing the course.

Comparison of Blue prism and UI path:

Blue prism is the old one when compared to the UI path. But UI path is comparatively having a high market than blue prism. UI tool shows the path of the UI with artificial intelligence. In the digital world, the UI path gives clear idea for tracking the usage and mistakes. The customers of blue prism in the year 2015 are United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and Australia. The increasing number of usage shows that the demand for Blue Prism Training is increasing drastically. The robots are employed in the digital labor in the operations or the administrative work to monitor the process and yield the result very quickly.

Comparison of blue prism and selenium automation tool:

Selenium needs java coding whereas blue prism is free of code. Blue prism is owned and managed IT where it can be owned after deploying it. Blue prism is a licensed tool whereas selenium is a free tool. Blue prism is for the process automation whereas selenium is for the system based and web-based automation. Blue prism is suitable for the repeatable tasks and improves the workflow in the organization. The Blue Prism course is the best course for those who are interested in the automation industry and has less interest in the programming. There are so many domains in the software industry like programming, networking, testing, cloud engineers and digital marketing engineers. Analyze your interest and choose your course to get your dream job.

What is the future of the blue prism automation tool?

Blue prism learners are paid well as it is the new technology and it is cost effective. Blue prism is suitable for every growing business. Blue prism is part of RPA which connects the different business objects to business applications. Machine learning, big data, IOT, Artificial intelligence and blue prism are some of the new technologies in the market now. The demand is relatively high for these new technologies as many big companies are using these technologies.


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